The goal of the program is expected to provide an early exposure on further education in areas of interest and necessary information related to higher education, that includes both public and private institutions.

  • To provide insight for students on furthering their studies in their preferred field of interest.
  • To share information on courses and trainings provided by all the public and private institutions in country.
  • To determine the main focus for SPM / STPM students and the general public as well as to aid their decision on their preferred choice of study according to their qualifications and interests.
  • To provide sufficient information to parents about the importance of education for their children’s future.
  • Increasing target group participants in programs at institutions of higher learning.
  • Providing breathable space and facilities for exhibitors to deliver information to targeted groups
  • Iklanika Information Education Carnival will also tour across every state within Malaysia to provide exposure to the targeted groups
  • Iklanika Information Education Carnival is assured to be well-organized and geared for success.
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